Evesham & District Wheelers Cycling Club


Minutes of Annual General Meeting held 21stNovember 2016

Wickhamford Village Hall, Wickhamford, Evesham


Chairman’s Welcome

Steve Bullen opened the meeting by welcoming all present, commenting that it has been an excellent year due to the commitment of the committee and Club members, giving their time and energies to ensure various projects such as the Road Race, Cycle Jumbles, Social Evening, Audax, Dieppe Raid, Catering etc were successful. Also for making suggestions that would give added value to being an Evesham Wheelers Club member.



Roy Kendall, Roger Hollerton, Helen Russell, Steve Redgewell.


President’s Address.

Carol Hall welcomed the members, commenting that the increase in the numbers of members also showed an increase in the number of lady members.

See attached report.


Minutes of AGM 2015

The minutes of the AGM held in 2015 were circulated and no issues were raised, or matters had arisen.


Officers Reports

Treasurer’s Report:

See attached report.


Clothing Manager’s Report

It’s been two and a half years since the new kit was introduced and we have seen steady sales, as is evident on Club runs. Our current supplier has been both flexible with minimum orders and speedy with deliveries.

See attached report.


Press Officer Report:

The Club featured in a high profile article in Cycling Active with an in-depth assessment of two members taking part in a Wattbike Challenge.

Due to the change in nature of the Club in recent years from competition to a more sociable club it has been more difficult to get items published by the local press. Steve Tarling has now decided to step down from this position and concentrate on the Cycle Jumbles that have been increasingly successful, with an increase in visitors and profit – and dealers enquiring as to when the next event will be.


Racing Secretary:

Norman Smith concurred with the aforementioned situation ref races, but said he was always willing to assist those who wanted to race.

See attached report.


Road Racing:

Andrew Tarring said that British Cycling were very pleased with the organisation of our race and that the race was firmly fixed in the road racing calendar.

Due to the pressure of work in his new job, Andrew said that there is a possibility that he may need to be replaced on the race day in 2018, and that there is a real need for an assistant for such eventualities.

He also explained that because this was a high category race, it would not be possible for our members to race without putting the event itself at serious risk.

See attached report.


Membership Secretary’s Report:

See attached report.


Web Site Report:

Steve Bullen said the website was under continuous development, and members are encouraged to seek ongoing improvements.

Club runs for the next 17 months had been loaded onto the website. However, to ensure ongoing success, the Club is in real need of new ride leaders.


Election of Officers

All committee members officially stepped down from their roles which were then offered to the members present. The following were duly elected:



Vice Presidents:             Anton Newell, John Percival, Valerie Taylor, Roger Freeman, Clive Tree, Arthur Bennett.

Proposed by John Jenkins, seconded by Carol Hall


President:                     Carol Hall. Proposed Richard Cowley, seconded Steve Bullen


Chairman:                    Steve Bullen. Proposed Richard Cowley, seconded Norman Smith


Secretary:                     Richard Cowley stood down. Fiona Layzell-Williams offered her                                services and was duly elected to this important role.


Treasurer:                    Martin Halls stood down. This very important position is now vacant.


Welfare Officer:           As we are not currently training youngsters, it was decided that this

position is now redundant, but could be reinstated as the need



Memberships:              John Jenkins. Proposed Richard Cowley, seconded Steve Bullen.


Club Runs Sec:                         Mark Williams. Proposed Keith Drain, seconded Steve Tarling.


Asst. Club runs.                        Stuart Newbury. Proposed Richard Cowley, seconded Steve Bullen.


Road Race Sec:            Andrew Tarring. Proposed John Jenkins, seconded Richard                                         Cowley.


Time Trial Sec:                        Norman Smith. Proposed Andrew Tarring, seconded Steve Tarling


Audax Sec:                  Neil Robinson. Proposed Martin Hall, seconded Mike Sampson.


Press Sec:                     Position is currently vacant.


Clothing Sec:               Mike Sampson. Proposed John Jenkins, seconded Martin Halls.


Social Sec:                   Keith Beasley offered his services, for which the Club are very



Webmaster:                  TBA.


Website Editor             Steve Bullen. Proposed by Martin Halls, seconded by Steve Tarling


Appointment of Auditors

Margaret Colborne and Janet Freary were re-appointed as auditors.

Proposed Martin Halls, seconded John Jenkins.


Events for 2017

Steve Bullen gave a brief resume of the events we can look forward to next year:

In January we will be having our social evening.

In April we will hold another Cycle Jumble, followed by another later in the year

Steve has recommended that the Club participate in the Blossom Trail, and later the Bredon BikeAway as the organisers have listened to and actioned various suggestions he has made after he rode these events this year.

There will be three inter-club time trials, and all members are encouraged to take part.

Our members are heavily involved in other local cycling activities including Cycle Evesham Vale and the Evesham Cyclefest. The Club will support these events in 2017.


Club Charities.

How should we distribute the profits from our charity events?

Arthur Bennett said that whichever one we support, the money should be donated at year end when we have all the funds in, and it should receive plenty of press coverage.

Steve Bullen asked the members present if they were happy to let the committee make the decision, and a show of hands was unanimous in favour of that proposal.



Recorded by Richard Cowley 21/11/2016