Sunday rides

Sunday ride timetables

Sunday rides usually start at 09.15 from the bus stop, High Street, Evesham, WR11 4DA.

Grouping Information

“C Run” – A slowish run mainly over flat terrain at an average speed of approx 13 to 14 mph. Ideal for those new to cycling. The C Run may not necessarily go to the same cafe stop as the A and B runs if it is too far away for a half day ride at the slower pace.
B Run” – A steady run for the majority of the club over varying terrain. The B1 group will average 15/17mph, and the B2 group will average 14/15mph.
A Run” – A fastish run over varying terrain aimed mainly at those members who intend to race, or just enjoy a faster pace Ave speed 17+ mph.

A and B runs will have the same destination so that riders can ride out with one run and back with another if they so wish.

Entry Level – The Club recommends initially riding with H-BUG (Honeybourne Bicycle Users Group) “Aspire” rides to determine / improve your riding distance and speed. These 10-mile and 20-mile loop rides are led by the Evesham Wheelers Chairman, and prepare riders of all ages and abilities to ride with Evesham Wheelers. See “Coming Events” at