Evesham & District Wheelers Cycling Club

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held 8:00pm 12th November 2013

Wickhamford Village Hall, Wickhamford, Evesham


Chairman’s Welcome

This is my first year as the Chairman of your club, and I thank you fort the opportunity to operate with such a committed team who work tirelessly on your behalf.

2013 has seen the popularity of cycling increasing substantially-a real post- Olympic legacy. The continued success of Chris Froome, Laura Trott, Mark Cavendish, Lizzie Armistead, and Sir Bradley Wiggins etc is reinforcing this national interest in cycling, supported by British Cycling’s programme of events.

As a result, our membership has increased yet again this year. This increase in membership has highlighted the issue of group cycling etiquette. Club guidelines were prepared last year with the full backing of your committee. It is essential that all members re-read these guidelines and strictly adhere to them during Club runs. With increasing numbers of complaints from the general public (particularly

in Surrey and London), it is imperative that our club sets and maintains the highest of standards for our club runs so that we continue to enjoy a good relationship with our local communities.

In my first year I have set out to put Evesham & District Wheelers at the centre of the local cycling debate, looking for opportunities to “spread the word”, and also to seek to create the next generation of potential members , given that our average age is 49.4 years.

  • Lobbying Peter Luff MP prior to the recent debate in the House of Commons.
  • Liaising with the developers of the Evesham Country Park to promote the idea of a cycling circuit on the site; and to support their efforts to run a sportive from that location in October 2014.
  • Invited the organiser of the Macmillan Cancer Support (Macride) events to give the Committee the benefit of his experience. He has offered to provide technical support for any charity event we may choose to organise at some future date.
  • Liaising with North Cotswold and Banbury Star to define a ride-leader training programme.
  • Set up H-BUG, (Honeybourne Bicycle Users Group) that provides the opportunity for anybody from 5 to 85 to cycle and progress steadily through structured Family and Aspire programmes, reflecting the wide spectrum of cycling activities.
  • Liaising with North Cotswold and their Youth Initiative.
  • Working with the Evesham Town Plan Transport Group, representing cycling interests.


Thank you for your support.




Pauline Freeman, Mark Williams, Peter Hutchinson, Dave Purser, Mick Hunt, Richard Rhodes,


President’s address.

I would like to thank the committee for all their hard work in organising the way the club is run and guiding it in the spirit of our founders.

This year we’ve had a large increase in membership nearly 20%, as seen by many new faces on the Sunday runs. For me having more feminine company was an added bonus.

This increase in membership has created new challenges with regards to leading the runs safely, and I take this opportunity to thank the people who have stepped up to the challenge of leading the C run in particular, where we have the largest increase in numbers.

Due to the popularity of the C run it has become obvious that we’ll need to divide the run into at least two increasing the need for more run leaders, so don’t be shy!

The quality of our roads is a well known on-going issue over which we usually have little control due to “the system”. But there is one particular cycle path where I have managed to get involved, that of the Evesham –Sedgeberrow cycle path. I have spoken to the local councillor John Smith and with Steve Bullen’s contact we hope to see it improved in the not too distant future.

Finally thank you all for attending what I hope will be a lively meeting.




Minutes of AGM 2012

The minutes of the AGM held in 2012 were agreed and there were no matters arising.

Proposed John Jenkins & Seconded Andrew Tarring


Officers Reports

Circulated before the meeting, no points raised, and that they were accepted. Proposed by Arthur Bennet and seconded by Carol Hall.


Treasurers Report

Circulated before meeting, no points raised. Financially the club is very healthy, and ideas for using its money to promote the sale of club kit were discussed, (see later); the acceptance of the report was proposed by Steve Tarling and seconded by Arthur Bennet.



It was proposed by Norman Smith that the club time trials organised solely for club members, will be discontinued in favour of inter-club events. This was in the light of very poor attendances at the solely club events and much greater attendance at inter-club events.

The proposal was seconded by Dave Purser & a show of hand carried the proposal.

It was proposed by Roy Kendall, and seconded by Mike Sampson that the club wants to increase the amount of club kit worn by members. Also the club’s finances are very healthy so it was proposed that the funds subsidise the prices of the kit to encourage sales. Financial details of the level of subsidy was discussed. See later.


Election of Officers


Vice Presidents:               Anton Newell, John Percival, Valerie Taylor, Gordon Taylor, Pauline Freeman, Roger Freeman, Clive Tree Carol Hall Arthur Bennett. Proposed by Richard Cowley seconded by Norman Smith


President:                       Carol Hall proposed Norman Smith seconded John Jenkins

Chairman:                      Steve Bullen proposed Roy Kendall seconded John Jenkins

Secretary:                       Richard Cowley proposed Carol Hall seconded Andrew Tarring

Treasurer:                       Martin Halls proposed John Jenkins seconded Phil Cooper

Welfare Officer:               Richard Cowley proposed John Jenkins seconded Martin Halls

Memberships:                 John Jenkins proposed Richard Cowley seconded Andrew Tarring

Club Runs Sec:               Norman Smith proposed Richard Cowley, seconded Steve Tarling

Road Race Sec:               Andrew Tarring proposed by Richard Cowley seconded Fred Meades

Time Trial Sec:               Norman Smith proposed Mike Sampson seconded Andrew Tarring

Audax Sec:                     Peter Hutchinson proposed Carol Hall seconded John Jenkins

Press Sec:                      Steve Halford proposed Richard Cowley seconded Carol Hall.

Clothing Sec:                 Mike Sampson proposed Arthur Bennet seconded Roy Kendall

Social Sec:                     Norman Smith proposed John Jenkins seconded Richard Cowley

Website Editor:               Stephen Redgewell proposed by John Jenkins seconded by Andrew Tarring


Appointment of Auditors

Margaret Colborne and Janet Freary were re-appointed as auditors.

Proposed Martin Halls seconded Arthur Bennet.


Roy Kendall asked the members if they were satisfied with the current club kit, its pattern and colours etc. A show of hands indicated that there was a significant dissatisfaction with it and perhaps it was time to think of new ones. Meanwhile we have stock that needs to be sold albeit with a subsidy.

A show of hands accepted Roy’s proposal for financial incentive to move the kit but with an amendment. It was proposed that over the next year or so the committee start to plan new club kit possibly initially tops and jackets, to be available by the next AGM, and seek an alternative more flexible financially superior supplier for the current kit. Proposed by Phil Cooper and seconded by Arthur Bennet.






Events for 2014

Steve Bullen addressed the members and asked if there was anything the committee should do or improve on?

John Jenkins mentioned that the committee meetings were not a closed shop and that any member of EDWCC could come along and participate.




Recorded by Richard Cowley 13/11/2013