ewe Let them eat cake - at 99 miles


Grouping Information

Four groups (A,B1, B2 and C) cater for differing speed and distance capabilities.

“C Run” – A slowish run mainly over flat terrain at an average speed of approx 13 to 14 mph. Ideal for those new to cycling. The C Run may not necessarily go to the same cafe stop as the A and B runs if it is too far away for a half day ride at the slower pace.
“B Run” – A steady run for the majority of the club over varying terrain. The B1 group will average 15/17mph, and the B2 group will average 14/15mph.
“A Run” – A fastish run over varying terrain aimed mainly at those members who intend to race, or just enjoy a faster pace Ave speed 17+ mph.

A and B runs will have the same destination so that riders can ride out with one run and back with another if they so wish.


Whatever the run the usual etiquette will apply: the runs leader of the day will wait for any riders off the back and the whole group will wait for any rider who punctures or has mechanical trouble. Similarly each rider has a responsibility to ride with the group he or she is most suited to, so as not to hold up or stretch the group unnecessarily.

The wearing of helmets is obligatory on Evesham Wheelers Club runs.



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