EW Brief August 14th 2022

  • The construction of the new Evesham Cycle Track is ahead of schedule and looking very impressive, with the possibility of a formal opening around 23rd October.          As soon as we are able, all Club rides will start from this new facility.
  • Can anybody remember a Gareth Williams riding with the Club? It seems that he was looking at our website shortly before he died. A very keen cyclist from Anglesey he worked with MI6 and GCHQ. You will probably remember the story of him being found zipped into a sports bag.







EW Brief 10th April 2022:

Now is the time to book for the Dieppe Tour des Trois Valees 2022!

Our preferred hotel, Hotel de l’Europe, have confirmed that they can host us again, and are looking forward to our visit.


Room choices are:

  • Triple with sea views for two nights – Euro 318
  • Twin with sea views for two nights – Euro 250
  • Double with sea views for two nights – Euro 278

Additional charges are:

  • Tourist tax Euro 1.20 per person per day
  • Breakfast Euro 12.50 per person per day

Extra days can be added on to suit.

Initial indications are that there will be 8 of us (Tim, Steve T, Steve B, Neil, Will & Liz, Simon & Ruth)

Steve Bullen will book the rooms so please liaise directly with him.




EW Brief 15th November 2021:


1:         AGM: 22nd November at 8pm at Wickhamford village hall


2:         With planning approval now granted the Evesham Cycling Facility will be proceeding, with Evesham Wheelers continuing to be a stakeholder in this project. There is much work to be done in the coming months with:

  • a programme of archaeological work required
  • a detailed assessment of ground conditions of the land proposed for the replacement playing field which identifies constraints that could adversely affect playing field quality
  • the cycling facility cannot be commenced before the works to provide the replacement playing pitches are completed
  • The development of the football pitches shall not be used until a 4.5m high ball net between the proposed pitches and the A46 Trunk Road has been constructed
  • details of any external lighting to be provided in association with the development shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.
  • Once completed the cycling facilities can be used for conducting regional and national competitions only on Saturdays and Sundays when no home football matches are scheduled.
  • a detailed badger mitigation strategy is to be submitted and agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.
  • Prior to the first use of the development details of secure parking for cycles to be submitted and approved in writing by the local planning authority.


EW Brief 3rd November 2021:

The Evesham Cycling facility has made another step forward having received Officer recommendation of Approval, and is now pending a decision to proceed by the WCC Planning Committee where the final decision will be made by Members on 11th November



EW Brief 10th October 2021:

  • Before the end of this month we are expecting to hear the outcome of the planning application for a substantial Evesham cycling facility.
  • The Club’s AGM will be held on 22nd November at Wickhamford village hall.
  • After 9 years in post your chairman, Steve Bullen, will be standing down at the AGM. We need members to step forward to lead the Club into this exciting new Evesham cycling environment as we expect much younger people to be joining the Club with many quite new to cycling.


EW Brief 12th  September:

A Major new Cycling Facility in Evesham

 This new venture will be on Wychavon-owned land, adjacent to Evesham Football Club. Evesham Wheelers, Cycle Evesham Vale and H-BUG have been involved as stakeholders in discussions with Wychavon District Council and British Cycling for some time now. The facilities to be developed on site include learn to ride; introduction to Pump Track; 1km Closed Road Circuit and additional cyclo-cross routes; Tarmac Pump Track; All Ability Cycle Route

This provides a strategic opportunity to develop Evesham Wheelers at a number of different levels including:

  • A home. There will be a café and meeting room facilities.
  • A meeting point for the start of all rides
  • Encouraging and developing youngsters. The proximity will attract footballers and their families.
  • Time trials on the one-kilometer track
  • Chain gangs
  • Races
  • Cyclocross

Plans for the facility include cycling lessons for all; learn to ride sessions; family sessions; disability sessions; school sessions; club sessions; outdoor spin sessions; birthday parties; park & ride; e-bike hire; bike maintenance …

And the facility will be floodlit.



EW Brief 25th July 2021

  • Carol’s EW kit sale will be on Wednesday 28th July at her house at 6.30pm
  • All runs on Sunday 1st August will be Neil’s Audax rides from Honeybourne

As our group numbers are now returning to pre-Covid levels we are in need of new ride leaders and assistant ride leaders.



Chairman’s Statement 25th April 2021:

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Club has been operating through FaceBook to enable ride leaders to choose as and when and where they feel able to lead rides. In this way they have also been able to control the numbers in each group. This has been very effective to date. However, we do recognise that some members do not do FaceBook so Steve will start posting the Club Runs again on the website as soon as ride leaders notify him of their destinations. Members should note that rides will continue to have limited numbers as we have learned that smaller groups are more suited to our local circumstances. The Club will try to ensure that all members who turn up at the start get a ride but this will require more members being prepared to take on assistant leader roles.


Chairman’s Statement 24th March 2021:

Club Rides

From Monday 29th March club rides will resume on a Wednesday and Sunday.

After much consideration your committee has decided to maintain the current rule of 6.

The aim is to have 6 groups of 6 leaving Evesham on Sunday 4th April with rides of differing distances, in line with groups listed on the club website. – https://eveshamwheelers.org.uk/club-runs-training-rides/

The present idea is that the B2 / B1 groups will ride a non-stop reliability type ride which will stop if there is a suitable opportunity while the C Groups will ride out to a café and back.

During these rides, all riders will still need to keep a safe distance from others and practice good respiratory hygiene.

On the week commencing 29th March, the ride leaders will advertise their rides on the club Facebook site for both the Wed 31st March and Sunday 4th April club runs.

All members are encouraged to wear Club kit again.


Dieppe Raid 2021

Sadly this event has had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 as there are too many uncertainties.


Chairman’s Statement 8th January 2021:

Looking ahead with optimism !!
The Dieppe Raid 2021 is planned and would be a wonderful opportunity to get back to proper normal with fun and merriment.
Steve Bullen will reserve rooms so that we can return to our known safe environment, so please indicate your interest as soon as possible (this is not a commitment at this time for obvious reasons).


Chairman’s Statement 6th January 2021:

Membership Fees for 2021: Your committee made a decision to give existing members a free year for 2021 reflecting the restrictions we have all endured during 2020.
Those members who have paid already (direct debit etc) will have this payment taken as their 2022 membership, and they should take action to ensure that the payment is not made automatically again next year.
If this is unacceptable to you then you need to claim your payment back from the Club.


Chairman’s Statement 2nd January 2021:

Wishing all Evesham Wheelers the very best in 2021.
2 things needing your urgent attention:
  • Please ensure that your cycle insurance is up to date
  • Dieppe 2021 – “Hi Steve, following on from Carolyn’s email about credit notes from the DFDS ferry from this year’s event, I’ve rebooked for June.
I was told by the booking man that the space on Monday’s return was getting tight! Therefore can you please advise the EDWCC folk to book ASAP”


Chairman’s Statement 4th November 2020:

Here we go again with Covid-19 restrictions!

All Club rides are now cancelled until 3rd December.

Obviously, this lockdown will not restrict our ability to cycle as long as we only ride alone, ride within your household / support bubble, or with one person from another household.

When out riding, never more than two riders together, and always two metres apart from anybody not from your household / support bubble.

I’m sure we will be waving to one another out on the open road in the coming weeks.

Keep smiling!


Chairman’s Statement 12th October 2020

You will all be aware that the Club’s AGM is due shortly, and you should also be aware of the challenges that this presents given the current Covid-19 scenario.

Your committee have been discussing the options and are recommending that the AGM is deferred for 6 months given that:

– To involve all members in a Zoom call seems unlikely

– Finances are sound and stable

– There are no issues demanding immediate attention

– There seems to be little inclination to change committee members

– The existing committee are prepared to continue for another six months

You may hold a different opinion. If so please put this in writing to Steve Bullen before 19th October 2020.


Chairman’s Statement 15th September 2020:

New Sunday meeting arrangements:

We have been maintaining our groups of 6 policy flexibly and effectively. Now we must take action not to mingle in larger groups at our meeting points.

On Sundays we have four rides leaving town.

Carol’s group (C1) and Mark’s group (B1, A) will meet in our usual location but socially distanced between groups.

Neil’s group (C2) and Steve’s group (B2) will meet – socially distanced – on the opposite side of the road.


Chairman’s Statement 6th September 2020:

All members are reminded that our rules include reference to Nasal passages and, in the light of Covid19 and recent rides, there has been a need to be seen to enforcing this rule as follows:
If and when you feel a need to clear nasal passages etc ALWAYS move to the rear of the group so that nobody else is affected by your discharge. Covid19 has made this rule critical to the safety of all our riders. If it happens in future the ride will be brought to a halt and addressed by the ride leader, who will then eject the rider at fault from the ride.


Chairman’s Statement 18th June 2020:

Firstly, a big “Thank You” to all Evesham Wheelers members. We have all managed to keep a low profile whilst cycling regularly within the constraints of COVID-!9 legislation, so that the Club colours have never been called into question.

We can now see daylight again as we ease into some form of normality. Our next virtual committee meeting (Zoom) will be July 6th, when we will discuss and decide what we can do next to get back to normal Club runs. If you would like to join in this meeting just let Steve Bullen know.

Meanwhile, please feel free to start riding in Club colours again.

The hope and expectation is that we will be able to adapt our group riding style and disciplines to set the new benchmark for Club social riding.

It is likely that our traditional coffee stops will be adapted to support those businesses that have been cycle-friendly during this difficult period.

Well done Everyone!

I’ve missed you all.



Chairman’s Statement 8th April 2020:

As we get further into the COVID-19 closedown it is clear that some cyclists are attracting less than positive comments from the general public.

We also know that some cyclists are being indiscriminately targeted by febrile young car drivers.

At this time it is important to ensure that our distinctive club colours are not seen as synonymous with cyclists in general. With this in mind I ask all members not to wear their Club kit until we clear this difficult period.

Yours in Cycling




Chairman’s Statement 17th March 2020:

Sadly, the Corona virus net is starting to impact all aspects of our lives, and as a group of shared-interest individuals we are no exception. I make this statement ahead of your Club committee being able to meet and discuss in detail.

Until further notice there will be no nominated ride leaders for Sundays or Wednesdays. Likewise, there will be no coffee stop meeting points. All rides posted on the Club website will remain in situ merely for those who might consider this as a guide to their own individual rides.

Although we are mostly a fit bunch of individuals, our average age gives a clue as to where our responsibilities should rest.

As a rider in that 70+ age range I do not feel a need to stop cycling particularly as I am not aware of any underlying issues. However, the concern for the likes of me is not that we are probably fitter than many of the youngsters we see waddling down the High Street, but it is a fact that our immune system’s ability to fight off new viruses reduces as we get older.

Our responsibility is also to our loved ones, and I have just been made aware of how close to home this is to at least one member, with others receiving hospital treatment for other conditions.

Would an Evesham Wheelers WhatsApp be helpful?

I will be setting up a virtual committee meeting to discuss the issues facing the Club, and to continue the good management of the Club with ongoing monthly committee meetings.

Stay safe.

Steve Bullen


EW Brief 16th February 2020:

The Club has a need for a larger pool of ride leaders and so are planning ride leader training for members during 2020.

This, as you will appreciate, is an important function within the Club, and full support will be given to those who might like to consider this opportunity.

Interested? Then contact Mark Williams or Steve Bullen.


EW Brief: 14th February 2020

Are you a qualified first-aider ?

If not, would you like to have training to become a Club first-aider?

Please let Steve Bullen know either way.

EW Brief: 13th February 2020

Wednesday rides:

Wednesday rides will start at 09.15 from Bengeworth (opposite Lidl) throughout the year. The recent decision to have a winter start time has led to confusion and concern.

Members who, for whatever reason, would prefer to ride later should liaise with others through FaceBook, telephone tree etc.


EW Brief: 12th January 2020

  • Dieppe Raid: At the end of January Steve Bullen will be reserving rooms, so express your interest to Steve soonest.
  • Mallorca: Let Colin Chapman know if you would like to join this Club trip in February


EW Brief: 30th December 2019

  • Wishing all members and your families the very best for 2020.
  • There will be a ride out to the Chairman’s home in Honeybourne on New Year’s Day. Leaving at 10.00 from opposite Lidl. A short, gentle ride out for coffee etc and then rides to suit members.
  • Mallorca trip: Early booking discount finishes after New Year’s Eve.

EW Brief: 18th December 2019

Wednesday rides will depart at 10.00 during the winter months (until 25th March)




EW Brief: 25th November 2019

– A big thank you to all those members who braved a very wet evening to attend the Club’s AGM.

– We will soon be making decisions about which charities the Club will support in 2020. All members are asked to make suggestions to Steve Bullen.

– Anybody interested in a Mallorca training camp – perhaps in February 2020 should contact Colin Chapman or Steve Bullen.



EW Brief 12th November 2019:

  • The Club’s AGM will be held at Wickhamford village hall on 25th November at 19.30 for a 20.00 start. Your support for the important event is always appreciated


  • A “Dieppe Raid” message from Caroline Street: “The entry form and details for the Dieppe trip are now available from the web site www.dieppetour.com.Group travel is now available and needs to be booked with DFDS’ office in France who have provided an 0800 number for our use. More details about travel arrangements are provided on the web site. Please note that there is a lengthy French message at the start but all their staff speak English so don’t be put off; also, be aware that the French ringing tone sounds like you have been cut off; just wait and you will be connected.To reduce administration, please could you enter on-line using the form, if possible. You can pay through PayPal – there is no need to create a PayPal account. Alternatively, you can request an entry form via my email address. Please ensure you state your club name correctly (Evesham Wheelers) every year changing rider’s club name results in additional effort.Please note, the online entry form includes options for challenging VTT/MTB rides offered in 2020. Details of these are published on the site.If you use Facebook then why not consider joining the Dieppe Raid group? You can then optionally receive notifications of any information that may be of interest. Use this link to access the Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/143795830611.Steve Bullen will again organise hotel accommodation, so please advise him soonest so that we can guarantee rooms for all our riders.



EW Brief 25th August 2019:

A celebration of Martin Trippick’s life:

Funeral service is at The Vale Crematorium on Tuesday 3rd September at 4pm.

Martin’s wish was that we wear colourful clothes.

Carol will lead a ride from her home to the crematorium leaving at 2.45pm. All riders to wear Club colours.

The reception will be at the Northwick Hotel, Riverside, Evesham WR11 1BT


EW Brief 22ndAugust 2019:

It is with great sadness that we hear that Club member Martin Trippick has passed away after a long struggle with cancer. Throughout his illness Martin demonstrated a strong determination to stay on his bike, riding to each of his chemotherapy sessions, and riding from Paris to Cheltenham with his son Kieran to raise money to support Maggie’s, the charity that provides excellent support to families affected by cancer.

Martin always wore his Evesham Wheelers kit with pride, and it has been suggested that the Club remembers Martin in some permanent way. If you have any ideas as to how we might achieve this please let us know.


EW Brief 30th July 2019

Club kit sale 15th August 7.30pm at Carol’s home.


EW Brief 22ndJuly 2019

  • 4thAugust Club Audax starting from Honeybourne Village Hall.

“Tramping the Loop” 200km starts 08.00

“The Barnt Green Bash” 100km starts at 08.45


“Ride a bike to Banbury Cross” 100km starts at 09.15

“The Honeybourne 50” 50km starts at 09.30

  • Good luck to all those members riding sportives during the summer to raise money for their favoured charities.




“Hello wheelers. I’ve got a couple of very good bicycles for sale , I’m having a cull. A Ridgeback Flight hybrid with hydraulic disc brakes and  new pads and  that bright green frame. Excellent running gear , it did need a new rear rim after the original Alexrim popped a few eyelets when a spoke went , replaced with a mavic rim  as Alex rims only supply OEM. Also got a 300 mile old full carbon Verenti Rhigos 03 was a £1200 machine but I can’t get on with the Sram Rival gears I’m too used to Shimano now and I don’t wanna fork out for a new group set. Phil Cooper”

Both  large fame sizes.


EW Brief 2ndJune 2019:

  • Following recent discussions, the majority of members have decided to stay with traditional Club calls i.e. “Car up” approaching from behind, and “Car down” for vehicles heading towards us.
  • A big “Well done!” to Martin Trippick who cycled from Paris to Cheltenham – despite his cancer – raising money for his chosen cancer charity Maggies. You can help him reach his target at: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/parchel
  • Club night is Monday 3rdJune at Steve Bullen’s home.


EW Brief 6thMay 2019:

  • Martin Trippick and family put on an excellent fundraising event for the cancer support charity Maggies. This is a charity that Evesham Wheelers will be supporting this year.
  • Steve Bullen now needs names of those planning / considering taking part in the Dieppe Raid on the last weekend in June. Steve will be booking hotel rooms on 14thMay to ensure we have accommodation as there is a sailing race at the same time!
  • Next Club night is on Monday 7thMay at Steve Bullen’s home.


EW Brief 28thApril 2019

Dieppe Raid: We need to confirm hotel bookings for our weekend in Dieppe 29thJune to 1stJuly. Please brief Steve Bullen as to your requirements as soon as possible because there is a big sailing event in Dieppe during that weekend.

EW Brief 25thFebruary 2019:

As our Club has developed in recent years we have welcomed new members from different regions and different clubs, all bringing their own linguistic styles of communication on the road. We now need to review the language we use as it can be quite confusing. All members are encouraged to contribute to this discussion before or on Club night on 4thMarch. How should we communicate that a vehicle is approaching from behind, or coming head-on.


22nd February:

Evesham Wheelers present cheque to the Evesham Cardiac Rehab Unit.





EW Brief: 17thFebruary 2019

  • Planning for the Dieppe Raid on 30th June is underway. Keith Beasley will be organising the 2019 trip. Please let Keith know of your interest so that rooms can be reserved early, and to be given details for ferry bookings and ride entry.
  • The Club will be presenting charity cheques:

– to the Evesham Cardiac Rehab Unit on 22ndFeb. at 2.45pm

– to the Evesham Stroke Unit on 26thFeb. at 2.00pm

Steve Bullen will lead a ride to each presentation. Club colours please so that we get good photo opportunities.


EW Brief: 5thFebruary 2019

Sound advice to motorists and cyclists from the Metropolitan Police:


EW Brief: 4thFebruary 2019

  • Evesham Wheelers Tour d’Lanzarote: Congratulations to Keith Beasley for organising this Club First. Excellent organisation and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Plans for 2020 are now in discussion so let Keith know of your interest and availability.
  • Evesham Wheelers trip to The Dieppe Raid 2019: Keith Beasley will soon be making announcements about this next trip.

EW Brief: 11th January 2019:

Evesham Wheelers will again be taking part in the annual Dieppe Raid in 2019.

The plan will be to travel by ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe on Saturday 29th June; take part in the event on Sunday 30th June; and return ferry home on 1st July.

Keith Beasley will be organising this trip.

To ensure that we are able to book sufficient hotel rooms, please can you indicate your interest to Keith.



EW  Brief 31st December 2018:

  • As we approach the end of another successful year for Evesham Wheelers we can reflect on some great fun and cycling experiences during 2018. Very best wishes to you all in 2019.
  • Time now to plan our cycle rides for the new year. Which are your favourite coffee stops? Name them and they will be included in our 2019 rides.



EW Brief 29thOctober 2018:

  • Please confirm to Carol that you will be attending the Club’s Christmas Dinner on 12th Tickets are £11.00.
  • Carol took a tumble on Sunday’s club ride and has broken her arm in two places so she will be out of action for at least 6 weeks. Volunteers for C group ride leading are needed.


EW Brief 18thOctober 2018:

– Sunday 21stOctober A, B and C rides will be heading to Ilmington because we will be accompanied by Cycling Weekly journalist Sean Lacey and his photographer. Could everyone please wear Club kit for this ride.


EW Brief: 4thOctober 2018

  • “Reach for the Skies” at Ebrington is on Saturday 7th B and C rides will leave Evesham at the normal time with coffee stop at Ebrington.
  • Evesham Wheelers AGM will be on 10thDecember 2018 at Wickhamford Village Hall.
  • On 21stOctober we will be joined by a freelance cycling journalist and photographer. A day for us all to wear Club kit.
  • Our Mince Pie run will be on 16th


EW Brief 20thSeptember 2018:


  • Our thoughts are with Colin Chapman who is fighting his way through the heavy weather in Scotland on the final leg of his LeJoG


EW Brief 5th September 2018:

Hill Climb – Dovers Hill

Stratford CC are organising a hill climb on Dovers Hill on 16thSept. This should be fun to watch and learn as EW will be organising this event for the Cotswold’s Olimpicks in 2019.


EW Brief 22ndAugust 2018:

Today I have added a Picture Gallery to the Club website: “About Us” > “Picture Gallery”




19thAugust 2018:

A big thank you to Fiona Legge Photography for the photoshoot on Wednesday. Fiona was able to capture the diverse nature of Evesham Wheelers in action shots that now feature on the Club website – they are spread through the pages of the website.



17th June 2018:

We have been presenting cheques to our designated charities that support those living with Dementia:

  • Evesham Dementia Action Alliance £280 
  • The Alzheimer’s Society £280 
  • Connection Point £280 

1st April 2018:

  • Hotel bookings for Dieppe will be confirmed on 3rd  April. 12 of us are travelling to Dieppe. 3 twin rooms will be booked !!! 2 motorhomes and an independent booking should ensure all are happy.

28th January 2018:

  • Steve Bullen has agreed a weekly “Cyclist Evening” at the Fleece Inn, Bretforton on Tuesday evenings. All cyclists of any capability are warmly welcomed. Spread the word. See you there!
  • Do not ride on the wrong side of the road’s centre line as oncoming traffic can pose serious danger for you and your fellow riders.


7th January 2018:

  • Best wishes to you all for 2018
  • Club Night is Monday 8th January
  • Membership fees are due
  • We have a busy programme planned for 2018

24th December:

  • Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas.
  • 2017 has been a very successful year for the Club thanks to so many members making solid contributions in committee work, ride leading, social events, and supporting our ride programme. Thank you.
  • We have two more rides in 2017: Wednesday 27th Dec. and Sunday 31st. Looking forward to enjoying these rides with you.


26th November:

  • A big thank you to all members that attended the AGM
  • Time Trials Secretary needed before 30th November.
  • We need a press officer – an important function for the Club.
  • How can we use our healthy financial situation to the benefit of members and the Club.


19th November:

  • The Evesham & District Wheelers AGM is on Tuesday 21st November 2017 at Wickhamford Village Hall – 7.30pm. All members are encouraged to attend.

5th November:

  • Club night is 6th November, 8.00pm at Steve Bullen’s home
  • AGM is Tuesday 21st November at Wickhamford village hall at 7.30pm
  • Annual subs are now due.

22nd October 2017:

The Club AGM will be held at Wickhamford Village Hall on Tuesday 21st November 2017. It is important for all members to attend.


29th August 2017:

Sunday 3rd September is the Evesham Cyclefest which is supported by Evesham Wheelers. If you are not signed-up by now for a sportive through British Cycling, you will need to pay cash on the day. Steve will be doing the 101-mile ride and looks forward to your company. Other shorter distances are available :-))


13th August 2017:

  • Mark Williams is organising an away-day to Shropshire on 20th August. Contact Mark for details.
  • Please contact Carol Hall for tickets for the Club’s 70th Anniversary Dinner.
  • Evesham Cyclefest weekend is 2nd / 3rd September – a full programme of cycling events to suit everyone.


30th July 2017:

  • Carol is now selling tickets for the Evesham Wheelers 70th Anniversary dinner on 9th September at Evesham United. All members, families and friends are encouraged to support this special event.


  • Sunday 6th August is the Evesham Wheelers Clover Leaf Audax starting at Wickhamford – 202km, 111km and 50km (something for everyone)


28th May 2017:

  • A big Thank You to David, Fiona and Keith for organising an excellent celebration of the Club’s 70th
  • June 4th is the Club Audax from Honeybourne village hall. Other Club rides will leave Evesham at the usual time, with a coffee stop at Honeybourne.
  • Steve B followed up immediately on the recent truck incident. The company were very concerned. Surprisingly, the truck driver was a cyclist!


9th April 2017:

  • Newport Velodrome 22nd All riders to take Club kit for a group photo.
  • The Club’s 70th Anniversary cycle ride will be 21st A special route is being created by David Taylor, and the ride will finish with a BBQ at David’s home.


31st March 2017:

  • Reminder that Sunday ride 2nd April is the Blossom Bikeaway at 09.00 from Hampton Ferry
  • Club night is Monday 3rd April at Steve Bullen’s home.

29th March 2017:

  • Steve Bullen will confirm hotel rooms for Dieppe on 30th Please check you are on the list below.
  • Our Wednesday meeting point is planned to become a construction site. Ideas for a replacement meeting point to Steve Bullen.

Richard & Carol, Colin & Dominique, Lorraine, Carl, Martin & Katrina, Tim, Neil, Mark, Roger and Steve

5th March 2017

– Hotel bookings for Dieppe are being made. Let Steve Bullen know if you hope to go.

– Club night is 6th March, 8.00pm at 8 Stratford Road, Honeybourne

19th February 2017

– Dieppe Raid 24th / 25th June 2017

Hotel bookings will be arranged on 1st March. Please let Steve Bullen know your requirements before end February.

10th January 2017

The Club now owns a hard-cover bike travel case that members can hire for £10 per trip. To book it just contact Steve Bullen.

8th January 2017

  • Exciting year ahead – the Club’s 70th!
  • Membership fees are due now
  • Club Night Monday 9th January at The Gate Inn, Honeybourne at 8.00pm

21st December 2016

We have decided not to proceed with our Social Evening on 21st January because events have conspired against us. Our thanks to all who were keen to make this occasion happen. We will try again later in 2017.


BBC H&W Radio 20th December 2016


Steve & Amie 1:40:50 to 1:45:50

News 2:02:34 to 2:03:15

Steve, Chris & Helen 2:20:06 to 2:26:12

EW Brief 18th December 2016

  • Each member will receive an EW Velopac on payment of annual membership fee (while stocks last!)
  • Velodrome 22nd April 2017 – Recommended event. Please state your interest soonest.
  • A Merry Christmas to you all

EW Brief 4th Nov. 2016

The Club rides throughout the winter months. However, when temperatures approach freezing (4C and lower) ride leaders may choose not to lead the rides. In this situation riders will form their own groups taking account of the conditions. Freezing in itself is not necessarily a problem in continuing dry conditions, but when combined with wetness or moisture in sheltered spots can be very dangerous.

EW Brief 27th Nov. 2016

  • Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM despite the poor weather.
  • Fiona Layzell-Williams has stepped up as Club Secretary. A big “Thank You” to Richard who has done a great job for some years now.
  • We need a Treasurer. Martin would like to step down from committee work after years of sterling service for the Club.
  • Strava is now on the website: “Road” > “Strava”.
  • A big thank you to Fiona and Keith who have stepped up as Social Secretaries. We enjoyed their first event on Saturday at Food of India, Broadway – a lovely evening.


A big “Thank You” to our new Social Secretaries (Fiona & Keith) for a great Wheelers evening in Broadway (26th November 2016).img_1629

Donation to the Air Ambulance 21st Nov.


EW Brief 20th Nov.

  • Please attend the Club’s AGM on Monday 21st November at Wickhamford Village Hall, 7.30 for 8.00pm. Refreshments will be available and Club kit will be on sale.
  • 2017 Membership cards are now available from John Jenkins


EW Brief 13th Nov.

  • A big thank you to Steve Tarling for another successful Cycle Jumble.
  • AGM 21st
  • Opportunity to train as an accredited marshal for British Cycling.
  • All groups will stop riding at 11.00 for silence.
  • Xmas ride to Upton Marina 18th December (all rides)


EW Brief 30th Sept.

Events for your diary in November:

7th Nov. – Next Club Night
12th Nov. – Cycle Jumble
21st Nov. – Wattbike taster
21st Nov. AGM

EW Brief 2nd October

– A big thank you to the ladies of Ebrington for an excellent coffee stop for “Reach for the Skies” and other rides through Ebrington today.

– Club Night is tomorrow 3rd October at 8.00pm. Venue: The Gate Inn, Honeybourne.


EW Brief 18th September

– Evesham Wheelers did a great job in being at the centre of organisation for the Evesham Cyclefest in its 3rd year.

– Chris Boardman led out the sportives (40 and 88 miles), and EW colours were prominent in pictures published by our local press.

– Plans are already underway for Evesham Cyclefest 2017 when EW will take on a more high profile role in supporting this important local event.


EW Brief 28th August

– If you have recently ordered new Club kit please collect it from Carol this week.

– Members of Evesham Wheelers are at the heart of the organisation of the Evesham Cyclefest on 10 / 11th September. Can you help with marshalling to ensure the success of this important event?

– All members should ensure that we do not block the pavement when we meet on Sundays, as we did again this week.

EW Brief; 21st August

– Social Night January 21st January at the rowing club:
A lot of work by a small group of members made our last social night a great success. Please can all members contact Liz Coxwell to offer their help in some small way for our next event e.g. cooking, setting tables & chairs, decorating the room, bringing a pudding, preparing a quiz, clearing up after the event etc.

EW Brief: 1st August

– It has been agreed that Wednesday rides will in future leave at 09.15 starting 3rd August.

EW Brief: 31st July

–       Club Audax is Sunday 7th August from Wickhamford village hall.

–       All members to read “Ride Etiquette” on the Club website.

–       Club night is Monday 1st August at the Gate Inn, Honeybourne at 8.00pm


EW Brief: 3rd July

1: Dieppe

2: Club Night

3: Time Trial

4: Sunday Meeting Point

5: Day ride 10th July


1: Congratulations to John James for organising such a thoroughly enjoyable trip to Dieppe last week.

2: Club night is Monday 4th July: 8.00pm at the Gate Inn, Honeybourne.

3: Thursday 14th July is the interclub time trial starting from the Queen Elizabeth pub in Elmley Castle. All members are encouraged to ride this event.

4: All members are reminded of the location of the Sunday meeting point (the bus stop outside OHL, High Street, Evesham, WR11 4DA), and the need to keep the pavement clear for pedestrians etc to pass easily through our group.

5: Phil Cooper will lead a day ride for the “C” group on Sunday 10th July,


EW Brief: 6th June

The Dieppe Raid:

John James has confirmed we now have 44 members entered for the weekend, with five arranging their own transport and accommodation. The cost will be £80 per person for B&B in the Hotel de l’Europe on the nights of Saturday and Sunday 25th and 26th June. There is an additional cost of £25 per person for those travelling down on Friday 24th and staying at the Eastbourne Youth Hostel. John James will collect the monies due during the trip. If payment is to be by cheque please can they be made payable to “A W J James”.


EW Brief – 8th May

– An excellent Cycle Jumble yesterday. Congratulations to Steve Tarling and all his merry helpers, and all those members who supported this event.

– Club night is Monday 9th May at 8.00pm at the Gate Inn, Honeybourne



EW Brief 13th March

– An excellent Road Race today (results to follow). Congratulations to everybody involved in producing an event that once again impressed riders and officials.

– The Dieppe Raid is proving to be a very popular excursion. Contact John James or Steve Bullen soonest to book your place if you haven’t already done so.

– Coffee stop for Sunday 30th March is the Trailquest HQ at Lowsonford, Henley-in-Arden.


EW Brief 28th February

– 6th March

All rides will leave Evesham as usual and go to Wixford to enjoy Liz’s tasty coffee stop. Riders can then choose to ride the Club’s first self-timed time trial – a great opportunity to get the feel of a time trial without having to compete with the big boys.




– 7th March

Club Night at the Gate Inn, Honeybourne from 8.00pm


– 13th March

Our annual Road Race is now fully booked (80 riders), so come and enjoy this exciting event and help out if you can.


EW Brief 14th February

– On March 6th all runs will go to Wixford where Liz and co. will be providing refreshments. From there riders can opt to take part in a 35-mile self-timed time trial. A map of the route will be on the website next week.


– Helen Russell will be leading a warm-down / stretching class in Evesham for a donation of £5 per person to her charity, probably in April. More details to follow shortly.


EW Brief 7th February
– The Dieppe Raid 2016 is going to be a big event for the Club this year. Details are now available on the website. John James is masterminding our attendance at this event so contact John even if you are making your own arrangements to be there: johnjames@fincheight.co.uk


– “Group Riding” and “Ride Etiquette” have been reviewed and updated on the website. Please take time to read this and feed any thoughts back to Steve Bullen.


– Mudguards are essential kit during winter months. If you are riding without mudguards then move to the back of the group so that you do not spray others with mud and water.



EW Brief 10th January 2016

– New for 2016: “EW Briefs” to replace “Steve’s Briefs”

– A catchy name needed for our 2nd Cycle Jumble. Steve Tarling is now organising our next Cycle Jumble at Crawford Hall, Bidford on 16th April. He would like all members to think of a good name to promote this event.

– The Dieppe Raid weekend is proving of real interest to members. John James has reserved accommodation and is now awaiting ferry details that are due this week. Please liaise directly with John for travel and accommodation requirements.


Steve’s Briefs 6th December 2015

– Club night tomorrow (Monday 7th December) at the Gate Inn, Honeybourne at 8.00pm
– Winter Club clothing available – great Xmas presents!
– Thanks again to Liz and her team for putting on a great Social Evening


Steve’s Brief 8th November:

–       The Club AGM is on Monday 16th November. Everybody is welcome!

–       Liz is organising our Social Evening for 21st November, and she would like our support:

o   Any puddings

o   Any raffle donations (bring to AGM or on the night)

o   Someone to sell raffle tickets and call numbers

o   Final food prep and serving up.

o   Someone to assist Carol decorating the room.


Steve’s Brief 18th October

-Congratulations to Steve Tarling for organising a Cycle Jumble that raised £535 for the Air Ambulance.

– When members pay their Membership Fees for 2015/2016 they will receive a new membership card and a QR sticker with the Club logo (in case of emergency details for emergency services).


Steve’s Brief 11th October:

– Tickets for our Social Evening are now on sale at £10 each (£5 for children) available from Liz Coxwell, Carol Hall or Norman Smith – or contact Steve Bullen. Any help with puddings and raffle prizes would be much appreciated.

– The Autumn / Winter Club clothing range is now available, including Gilets that are warm and showerproof.


Steve’s Brief 4th October:

Great weather today for cycling, and thanks to the ladies of Ebrington who put on another fine selection of cakes and drinks for the “Reach for the Skies” challenge.

 – Hands-off – If you have a need to ride with both hands off the handlebar (changing layers, stretching back etc) then move to the back of the group. NEVER do this within the group.


Steve’s Brief 13th September:

–       We will be putting on a background slide show at our social event on 21st November. If you have any pictures featuring EW members (new and old) can you please loan these to Steve Bullen. Photographs will be returned almost immediately.

–      Our Cycle Jumble is confirmed for 17th October. Tables are free to EW members, so clear out your unused / unwanted cycling paraphernalia and bring it along to sell. Tables are £10 for non-members. We expect visitors from all over the country.


Steve’s Brief 6th September:

–       Monday 7th September is Evesham Wheelers Club Night at the Gate Inn,

Honeybourne. We look forward to seeing you there.

–       Ebrington’s “Reach for the Skies” event on 4th October will again be the Club run and coffee stop on that day. We look forward to the excellent offering from the Ebrington ladies, and a challenging hilly ride.


Steve’s Brief 30th August:

–       A date for your diaries! Liz is planning a Club social evening to be held at Evesham Rowing Club on Saturday 21st November. Details to follow later.


–       If you decide to leave a ride for any reason, please ensure that you get a message to the ride leader beforehand. This ensures that the group will not be waiting unnecessarily for you further down the road. Equally, be aware that a rider may drop behind without their calls being heard.


Steve’s Brief 23rd August:

–       The Club will be holding a Cycle Jumble on 17th October at the Crawford Hall, Bidford. This is one of a series of national cycle jumbles. It is the initiative of Steve Tarling who has the unanimous support of your committee. Steve will need lots of support (teas, car park, entrance money etc) from our members.

–    Our Sunday rides will always leave on time for all groups. We meet at 09.00 for

an 09.15 depart.


Steve’s Brief 9th August:

–       Last week’s Audax was a resounding success with 132 riders (77 started the 110km; 20 for the Neville Chanin; 20 on the 4-LeafClover 202; and about 15 on the 50km). Pete Hutchinson and his team of volunteers are to be warmly congratulated on their efforts, and generous thanks from all riders for the excellent refreshments, speedy service and effective car parking control where the field was completely full. Well done everybody!

–       All riders are reminded to read “Ride Etiquette” in the “Club Runs” section of the Club website. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns then contact Steve Bullen.


–       If you need Club kit in the coming weeks than contact Steve Bullen who will take on this role for a short period.


Steve’s Brief 19th July

Helen Russell has invited Club members to join her Welcome Home celebrations in Bromsgrove on 14th August following her TdF1DayAhead ride. Your committee have decided to book an 18-seat coach for the evening. There will be no charge to members. Please contact Steve Bullen if you would like to book a seat on this coach.

 “14th August 2015

7pm until late

Victoria Club, Bromsgrove Sporting Football Ground, Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, B61 0DR

Hosted by ITV4 Tour de France presenter Ned Boulting

Q&A with ex-England footballer and One Day Ahead team captain Geoff Thomas

Guests from world of cycling and football

Food, Music, Auction, Raffle

Tickets only £10! Proceeds to Cure Leukaemia

To order tickets email onedayaheadparty@yahoo.com

Or call 07516 375 302”


Steve’s Briefs 14th June:

– After their rides today Evesham Wheelers are invited to join Helen Russell and young Aimee Lane for a photo opportunity in support of Cure Leukaemia. Helen is preparing for the One Day Ahead Tour de France, and event leader Geoff Thomas is expected to be at Evesham Country Park to support Helen.

– Biking Broadway is expected to be a fun event for all the family on Thursday evening 18th June. The High Street will be closed for cycle racing between 6pm and 8pm. You can book race entry on-line http://rileyandthomas.co.uk/biking-broadway/. You can choose either to race as an individual or as a team of three. Let’s see the Club’s colours in attendance and getting involved in the fun.


Steve’s Brief 19th April:

– After crossing major roads, and before continuing the ride, the group should double-check that all riders are present, and that nobody has been unable to make the crossing.

– When groups decide to join up (e.g. B1 and A) faster riders on the front should move further back into the group and adopt the groups natural speed so that all riders can enjoy the ride at an acceptable pace.

Steve’s Brief 5th April

– A Happy Easter to all members and their families.

– With a heavy season of Sportives and Charity Rides ahead members are asked to take care because many riders in these events do not have the riding disciplines that Club members do. Expect the unexpected, take care, and have fun.


Steve’s Brief 8th March

– All marshals and volunteers will meet at Inkberrow Village Hall at 08.45 on Sunday 15th March. Everybody is welcome, we need your support to ensure the success of this important event.

– Best wishes to all our ladies on International Ladies Day.

– Our Reliability Ride on 22nd March will start from, and finish at, Evesham Rowing Club.


Steve’s Brief 1st March

– Our Road Race on 15th March has been oversubscribed by 50% !

We need volunteers to marshal the race. As there will be no A, B or C runs that day we encourage all members to volunteer and, of course, to enjoy a great race.

– Many of us enjoy fast downhill riding, and sometimes our enthusiasm can cause us to be blind to the risks. A recent ride highlighted some of these risks:

Signals from riders in front often cannot be seen or heard at speed.

Riders on the front usually have clear vision, but those behind have limited views and probably cannot see potential dangers.

When the bunch spreads across the road it becomes a danger to vehicles coming up the hill.

Pedestrians and horses can appear on both sides of the road, and on winding roads it is often impossible to stop effectively.

The sight of a large group of riders can be impressive, but it can be intimidating when approaching head-on at speed.

Road surfaces on hills can be quite variable particularly during winter months and wet periods. One small pothole, loose grit or mud can have dire consequences.

Please ride to protect the group and to be respectful to other road users, particularly on steep, winding narrow lanes.


Steve’s Brief 15th Feb

– Norman has had the operation on his lower spine and is now back home.

– Horses have better hearing than their riders. When approaching give a loud normal voice warning “We are behind you!” and the horse will be aware of your presence. Repeat when closer so that the rider can hear and prepare. When passing give the horse a wide berth because, if startled, it will shy into you before moving away.

-Graeme’s Quick Guide to horse types. “Thin tall horses with shaved patterns are hunters/racers and ready to bolt at the slightest, so be extra cautious. Big fat things with fluffy feet will hardly flinch. Do talk to the rider as you pass. It settles the horse and promotes good feeling. Generally riders fear bikes more than cars, which is a shame as Sundays should be for walkers/runners cyclists and horses and we are all as one against the Sunday shopper.”


Steve’s Brief 8th Feb

– Norman Smith has finally had his illness diagnosed and will have an operation on his spine this week.

– The Vale magazine has another great cycling article this month “On your Bikes” featuring three Evesham Wheelers.

– Our 2015 strategy to try to create a local cycling track is gaining momentum with various of people / groups discussing how to set up an Evesham Velodrome. Vale Cycles, Port Street have a petition for you to sign to demonstrate the level of support for this project.


Steve’s Brief 1st Feb

– Club evening Monday 2nd February a the Gate Inn, Honeybourne from 8.00pm

– Reminder to all members and friends to look out for possible sites for a cycle track /velodrome. All ideas welcomed. There is a rising swell of interest from clubs and individuals to make an Evesham Velodrome a reality in 2015/6. You can register your interest / support at Vale Cycles in Port Street. Let’s make this important project happen!

– Evesham Wheelers are heavily involved in a new cycling project “Cycle Evesham Vale” (CEV). This group will work with local authorities, groups and business partners to improve cycling infrastructure and facilities, including designated routes to link villages and communities with the town and beyond. Read all about it in this months Vale Magazine.


Steve’s Brief 25th Jan
Strategy for 2015:
Your committee have agreed that we should consolidate the substantial progress made in 2014, and fully investigate the feasibility for a tarmac course for both racing and child riding instruction. All members of the Club are asked to focus on identifying possible locations through personal and work/business contacts. We could then investigate each possibility with the expectation of identifying ten possible options. One of these might be deliverable by the end of 2015.


Steve’s Brief 11th Jan 2015
The committee have decided that the Dieppe Raid http://www.dieppetour.com/index.php should become an annual Club event as it was started by Evesham Wheeler Neville Channin in 1972, and it provides the opportunity to cycle different distances, or even walk (short or longer). Easy to get to and a great social occasion. See http://www.dieppetour.com/event.php for details of this event between 27-29th June 2015.
Group riding: Do not actively encourage vehicles to pass. Drivers must make their own decisions, and we should be careful not to do anything that could place us in any blame scenario.


Steve’s Brief 21st Dec 2014

Many thanks to Carol, our President, who once again organised a most enjoyable Christmas party cycle ride with coffee at the Three Ways, Mickleton and lunch at the Round of Grass, Badsey.

The Club rides throughout the winter months. However, when temperatures approach freezing (3C and lower) ride leaders may choose not to lead the rides. In this situation riders will form their own groups taking account of the conditions. Freezing in itself is not necessarily a problem in continuing dry conditions, but when combined with wetness or moisture in sheltered spots can be very dangerous.

My best wishes to each of you for 2015.


Steve’s Brief 07.12.14

The Club website will now be the single-point contact for all information within the Club.

Any problems, use “Contacts” to get a message to Steve who will respond quickly. Please do not telephone committee members when the information is readily available on the website.

Steve’s Brief 30.11.14

Substantial AGM majority decision for the new meeting place after consideration of several options recommended by members.

Steve’s Brief 23.11.14

During the recent AGM members requested that Steve B continue his recent pre-ride brief on Sundays as this gave riders a nice feeling of being more involved in the Club. Steve agreed, and a summary of “Steve’s Brief” will be now be posted on the website and Facebook each week.

Steve’s Brief 16.11.14

Importance of members attending the AGM.