Evesham Vale Road Race 2020

8th March 2020

Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1. Peter Kibble Wales Racing Academy Finished 1st 30
2. Joseph Beckingsale Wales Racing Academy Finished 2nd 25
3. Samuel Beckett Wales Racing Academy Finished 1st 21
4. Matthew Lock Cliff Pratt Racing Finished 1st 17
5. Jacob Tipper Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Finished Elite 14
6. William Roberts Wales Racing Academy Finished 1st 12
7. Josh Whitehead Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG Finished 2nd 10
8. Josh Housley Team PB Performance Finished 1st 8
9. Oliver Hucks Leisure Lakes Bikes.com Finished 2nd 7
10. Henry Latimer Didcot Phoenix CC Finished 2nd 6
11. Jon Addison Cero – Cycle Division Racing T… Finished 2nd 5
12. Joshua Price Wales Racing Academy Finished 2nd 4
13. Ben Healy TRINITY Road Racing Finished 1st 3
14. Alexander Pritchard Velo Sport Fosse Finished 2nd 2
15. Andrew Turner SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling Finished Elite 1
16. Thomas Day ZANNATA-GALLOO TEAM Finished 1st 0
17. Freddy Pett DAP Cycling Club Finished Elite 0
18. Joe Evans Saint Piran Finished 1st 0
19. Matthew Taylor Cycling Sheffield Finished 1st 0
20. Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Finished 1st 0
21. Ross Holland Saint Piran Finished 1st 0
22. Nathan Smith Cycling Sheffield Finished 1st 0
23. Hayden Allen PMRR Finished 1st 0
24. Harrison Knight University of Exeter Cycling C… Finished 2nd 0
25. Oliver Winwood Bratchell Velo Club Venta Finished 2nd 0
26. Daniel Maclean-Howell Cardiff Ajax CC Finished 1st 0
27. Julian Varley Cycling Sheffield Finished 1st 0
28. Luke Barfoot Tri UK Finished 1st 0
29. Richard Harris Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club Finished 2nd 0
30. Daniel Martin University of Derby Cycling Cl… Finished 2nd 0
31. Thomas Harrington Abergavenny Road Club Finished 2nd 0
32. Conor Davies Saint Piran Finished 2nd 0
33. Hefin Evans Caffi Gruff Finished 1st 0
34. Liam James-Morris Backstedt Cycling Finished 2nd 0
35. William Truelove Marsh Tracks Racing – Trek Finished 1st 0
36. Morgan Leyshon Maindy Flyers CC Finished 2nd 0
37. James Alexander Bryan Steel academy Finished 2nd 0
38. Charlie Genner Halesowen A & CC Academy Finished 2nd 0
39. Alex Thomson Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG Finished 3rd 0
40. Thomas Price Reflex Racing Finished 2nd 0
41. Gethin Price Maindy Flyers CC Finished 2nd 0
42. Cameron Preece Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET Finished 2nd 0
43. William Lewis Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG Finished 2nd 0
44. James Chapman Team PB Performance Finished 1st 0
45. Harvey McLean VC St Raphael Finished 2nd 0
46. Darren Rider Team PB Performance Finished 2nd 0
47. George Clark Spirit Tifosi Racing Team Finished 2nd 0
48. Andrew Williams Steele Davis Via Roma RT Finished 2nd 0
49. Karl Baillie Witham Wheelers Cycling Club Finished 2nd 0
50. Blaine Carpenter Shutt Test Team Finished 2nd 0
51. Martin Ford Finished 1st 0
52. Jonathan Oxley Bryan Steel academy Finished 2nd 0
53. Jacques Coates PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team Finished 2nd 0
54. Jacob Sparrow Clee Cycles Finished 2nd 0
55. Will Corden Velo Runner Finished 1st 0
56. Grant Bigham Velo Runner Finished 1st 0
57. George Moore Cero – Cycle Division Racing T… Finished 2nd 0
58. Will Beech Beeston Cycling Club Finished 2nd 0
59. Matt Witts Nopinz Symec Race Team Finished 1st 0
60. Edward Morgan Caffi Gruff Finished 2nd 0
61. James Middleton Finished 3rd 0



Evesham Vale Road Race 2019

Sponsored by Kanes Foods

10th March 2019

Pos No. Name Club Diff RiderCategory
1 2 Marcin Bialoblocki Nopinz Symec Race Team Elite
2 78 Charles Walker Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 5.485 Elite
3 22 Lee Frost Nopinz Symec Race Team 52.353 Elite
4 51 Jordan Peacock Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 01:02.6 1st
5 67 George Smith Nopinz Symec Race Team 01:17.4 Elite
6 73 James Tillett Wales Racing Academy 01:17.5 2nd
7 3 Daniel Bigham Ribble Pro Cycling 01:18.2 Elite
8 69 Jack Stanton-Warren Wheelbase Castelli MGD 01:20.2 Elite
9 88 Sean Townsend VC Equipe/Flixoralhygiene/ 2nd
10 42 George Mills-Keeling Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG 01:57.2 1st
11 25 Elliot Harrison Crimson Performance Race Team 01:57.4 Elite
12 9 Chris Childs Holohan Coaching Race Team 01:57.6 2nd
13 21 George Fowler Nopinz Symec Race Team 02:00.1 2nd
14 40 Tom Mansfield BIKESTRONG-KTM 02:17.2 2nd
15 17 Joe Evans Saint Piran 03:16.5 1st
16 10 Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 03:16.7 Elite
17 1 Toby Barnes RST/Cycle Division Racing Team 03:20.1 2nd
18 58 Charlie Renshaw Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 03:30.1 1st
19 77 Nicholas Tyrie Primera-TeamJobs 03:32.7 2nd
20 37 Adrian Lawson Nopinz Symec Race Team 03:32.9 2nd
21 34 James Ireson Morvelo Basso 03:34.3 1st
22 72 Louis Szymanski Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 03:36.6 Elite
23 74 Samuel Tillett Wales Racing Academy 04:06.9 2nd
24 55 Evan Powell Pontypool RCC 04:08.0 2nd
25 70 Ben Stockdale Cotswold Cycles-TREK 04:08.2 3rd
26 83 Matthew Higgins RST/Cycle Division Racing Team 04:08.9 2nd
27 31 Ross Holland Veloce Racing 04:09.9 2nd
28 56 Alexander Pritchard Race Hub Triathlon Club 04:11.1 2nd
29 71 Bradley Symonds Team PB Performance 04:15.7 1st
30 46 Edward Morgan Bynea CC 05:44.8 2nd
31 53 William Perrett University of Derby Cycling Club 06:41.8 1st
32 52 Joseph Perkins Leisure Lakes Bikes.com 06:58.7 1st
33 11 Peter Cocker Richardsons-Trek RT 07:02.2 1st
34 7 Daniel Brough Velo Runner 07:34.0 2nd
35 62 Tim Shoreman Bioracer- Moriarty Bikes 07:34.6 2nd
36 80 Josh Williams Clee Cycles 07:35.0 2nd
37 84 Jonathan Bourne Pro Vision Race Team 07:35.1 2nd
38 19 Hefin Evans Bynea CC 07:35.1 1st
39 85 Patrick Fotheringham Halesown A&CC 07:35.1 2nd
40 32 Jonathan Hornblow Leisure Lakes Bikes.com 07:35.5 2nd
41 35 Ben Joughin Pro Vision Race Team 07:35.5 1st
42 54 Chris Pook Holohan Coaching Race Team 07:35.6 2nd
43 8 James Chapman Team PB Performance 07:35.7 1st
44 4 Jamieson Blain Zappi Racing Team 07:37.1 1st
45 44 Daniel Minor Uttoxeter Cycling Club 07:37.1 2nd
46 75 Alexandre Touche Pontypool RCC 07:38.0 1st
47 82 Kieran Frend RST/Cycle Division Racing Team 07:38.8 2nd
48 24 Richard Harris Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 07:38.9 2nd
49 47 Nick Morris Clee Cycles 07:39.5 2nd
50 33 John Hunt Beacon Roads CC 07:39.6 2nd
51 27 Paul Hayward Pontypool RCC 07:41.0 2nd
52 65 Danny Smith Holohan Coaching Race Team 07:44.4 2nd
53 45 George Moore RST/Cycle Division Racing Team 07:44.5 2nd
54 26 James Haydon Leisure Lakes Bikes.com 08:00.3 1st
55 16 Christopher Dredge Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 08:07.7 2nd
56 5 Thomas Booth Bryan Steel academy 08:23.9 2nd
57 43 Oscar Mingay Wales Racing Academy 08:24.0 1st
58 63 Alexander Simmons Pro Vision Race Team 08:55.8 2nd
DNF 28 Dean Hitchings Cotswold Cycles-TREK DNF 3rd
DNF 59 Cameron Richardson Bioracer- Moriarty Bikes DNF 2nd
DNF 49 Charlie Passfield Spirit Tifosi Racing Team DNF 1st
DNF 13 Adam Cole Pontypool RCC DNF 2nd
DNF 79 Eliot Ward 2 Wheels Only DNF 1st
DNF 14 Jamie Crump Zappi Racing Team DNF 1st
DNF 12 Darren Cole RPD Racing DNF 2nd
DNF 87 Guy Jones Veloce Racing DNF 2nd
DNF 48 Cameron Oliver Glasgow Cycle Team DNF 2nd
DNF 64 Cameron Smalley Cotswold Cycles-TREK DNF 2nd
DNF 81 Aaron King Spokes Racing Team DNF 3rd
DNF 50 Russell Peace Veloce Racing DNF 2nd
DNF 57 Gary Price Morvelo Basso DNF 2nd
DNF 30 Jason Holder Cotswold Cycles-TREK DNF 3rd
DNF 39 Benjamin Manfield-Yorke Morvelo Basso DNF 1st
DQ 61 Kieran Savage Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield DQ 1st


























Evesham Vale Road Race 2018

Sponsored by Kanes Foods

11th March 2018

With 80 racing cyclists competing in the Kanes Foods sponsored Evesham Vale Road Race under new British Cycling regulations, this was always going to be an interesting race. A fast pace on this undulating 72-mile course from Inkberrow tested all riders.

A close encounter with a herd of deer charging across the road fracturing the tail riders momentarily, with two deer cutting across the field to chase down the peleton again further along the road !

One young rider was shaken and bruised after hitting a large pothole concealed beneath surface water.

The worthy winner was Alex Dalton (Catford CC), followed by Arlen Martarazan (HJL) and Jordon Peacock (Spirit Tifosi). They were well clear at the finish, with the main peleton sprinting for 8th place.

This popular early season national event will be returning to Inkberrow again in 2019



Evesham Vale Road Race 2017

Sponsored by Kanes Foods

12th March 2017

Across the Line V2

1      Liam Bromiley Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
2      Daniel Bigham Brother NRG Driverplan
3      Lee Frost VC Equipe – Flix

4      Charlie Passfield Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
5      Andrew Turner VC Equipe – Flix
6      Callum Ferguson Catford CC Equipe/Banks
7      Douglas Coleman Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
8      Tom Mazzone Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
9      Charlie Renshaw Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
10    Scott Probert Morvelo Basso RT
11     Jake Tanner Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
12     Adrià Moreno Sala Raleigh GAC
13     Peter Cocker Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike
14     Ryan Perry Raleigh GAC
15     Hewitt Adept Precision RT/NE Healthcare
16     Jacob Tipper Brother NRG Driverplan
17     Bertie Newie Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
18     Adam Kenway Raleigh GAC
19     Thomas Timothy Brother NRG Driverplan
20     Benjamin Manfield-Yorke Morvelo Basso RT

Around The Corner V2

21     Graham Watters Cotswold Cycles-TREK
22     George Smith VC Equipe – Flix
23     Mike Smith Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
24     Cameron Foster Team Milton Keynes
25     Dylan Thomas VC Meudon
26     Lee Smith Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
27     Michael Smith Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
28     Steve Young Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike
29     Darren Cole RPD Racing
30     Elliot Harrison Leisure Lakes Bikes.com
31     Oscar Hutchings VC Equipe – Flix
32     Cameron Biddle Rivet Racing
33     Jack Rees Brother NRG Driverplan
34     Thomas Cox RPD Racing
35     Joseph Perkins Leisure Lakes Bikes.com
36     Oliver Hayward Rhino Velo Race Team
37     Oliver Maxwell Richardsons-Trek RT
38     Christopher Till RPD Racing
39     Dave Tilling Ride 24/7
40     Ben Stockdale Cotswold Cycles-TREK
41     Sean Townsend Latchem Sunwise Race Team
42     Andrew Magnier Leisure Lakes Bikes.com
43     Danny Smith Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
44     Graham Crow Handsling Racing
45     Josh Yates Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
46     Chris McNaughton Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike
47     Kirk Vickers Rhino Velo Race Team
48     Justin Hoy Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
49     Alex Dalton Catford CC Equipe/Banks
50     Rob Yeatman Cotswold Cycles-TREK
51     Geoff Comley Leisure Lakes Bikes.com
52     David Prickett Morvelo Basso RT
53     Oliver Barbieri Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
54     Edward Silverton Morvelo Basso RT
55     David Griffiths Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
56     George Pym Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
57     Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek RT
58     Matthew Clarke Canyon UK
59     Ben Rowe Wheelbase Altura MGD
60     Robert Gray Wheelbase Altura MGD
61     Patrick Fotheringham Halesowen A & CC
62     James Hill RST Racing Team
63     Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael
64     Cameron Smalley Cotswold Cycles-TREK
65     Gareth Turner Latchem Sunwise Race Team
66     Will Corden Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
67     Jack ONeill Jewson – MI Racing
68     Dan Fleeman Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
69     Andy Betts Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
70     Samuel Henning Richardsons-Trek RT
71     Jez McCann Richardsons-Trek RT
72     Charles Walker Catford CC Equipe/Banks
73     Charlie Revell Team Tor 2000 KALAS

Breakaway on the decent

Evesham Vale Road Race 2016

Sponsored by Kanes Foods

13th March 2016

1 Jacob Tipper Pedal Heaven
2 Jake Tanner Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
3 Dan Fleeman Metaltek Kuota racing team
4 Will Fox Pedal Heaven
5 Tom Mazzone Pedal Heaven Excel Academy
6 James Ireson The Nab Racing
7 Joseph Clark Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
8 Peter Cocker Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike
9 Charlie Renshaw Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
10 Connor Swift Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
11 James Locker Zappis Racing Team
12 Harrison Jones Pedal Heaven
13 Benjamin Manfield-Yorke The Nab Racing
14 Dante Carpenter Richardsons-Trek RT
15 Ross Lamb Godfrey Bikewear Race Team
16 Max Stedman Pedal Heaven
17 George Richardson NFTO Race Club
18 Ben Stockdale Cotswold Cycles RT
19 Joseph Elwood Langsett
20 Joe Evans Madison Genesis
21 Ben Joughin Pro Vision Cycle Clothing
22 Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers
23 Elliot Jones VC Equipe – Flix
24 Lee Davis VC Equipe – Flix
25 James Porter Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
26 George Wise VC Equipe – Flix
27 George Sewell Windmill Wheels Cycling Club
28 Harry Yates Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT
29 Alexander Simmons Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
30 Andrew Brinkley OVB
31 Ryan Davis SportGrub Cycling Team
32 Phil Giles Beeston CC
33 Rhys Phillips NFTO Race Club
34 Russell Falder Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
35 Danny Smith Pro Vision Cycle Clothing
36 Sean Townsend Radeon-Bike Science RT
37 Greig Burt Beeston Cycling Club
38 Thomas Kirk HR Owen Maserati RT
39 Oliver Dighton Halesowen A & CC
40 David Bates Wheelbase Altura MGD
41 David Ogg Godfrey Bikewear Race Team
42 Joseph Hobbs Halesowen A & CC
43 Scott Probert HR Owen Maserati RT
44 Peter Haworth Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
45 David McGowan Pedal Heaven
46 Matthew Garthwaite Newport Shropshire CC
47 Jack Thompson Performance Cycles
48 David Pilcher
49 Thomas Bowering Ride 24/7
50 Ryan Smith HR Owen Maserati RT
51 James Mitri Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
52 Stephen Cavey 34 Nomads CC
53 Gareth Jones Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
54 Edward Silverton Bicicielo
55 Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael
56 Oliver Hayward University of Birmingham CC
57 Chris McNaughton OVB
58 Rob Yeatman VC Equipe – Flix
59 Dean Hitchings Cotswold Cycles RT
60 James Eldridge KTM Impsport RT
61 Matthew Bonehill Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
62 Tony Kiss Performance Cycles
63 Marc Flay Kenilworth Wheelers CC
64 Charlie Revell Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
65 Oliver Davies OVB
66 Gareth Turner Performance Cycles
67 Pierre Vernie Godfrey Bikewear Race Team


Evesham Vale Road Race 2015

Sponsored by Kanes Foods

15th March 2015


1 David McGowan Pedal Heaven RT 02:30:20
2 Ben Stockdale SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team same time
3 Dale Appleby NFTO same time
4 Zachery May NFTO same time
5 Adrià Moreno Sala Velosure Starley Primal same time
6 Dominic Jelfs Madison Genesis same time
7 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis same time
8 Liam Holohan Madison Genesis 10
9 Justin Hoy NFTO same time
10 Matt Clarke Wheelbase Altura MGD. same time
11 Tom Bowering same time
12 Scott Probert Stourbridge Velo same time
13 Harrison Jones Pedal Heaven RT 14
14 Daniel Bigham Beeline Bicycles RT same time
15 Ryan Davis SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 18
16 James Lewis NFTO 19
17 George Moore Bicicielo 27
18 Tom Barras NFTO 44
19 James Ireson Wolverhampton Whls same time
20 Lee Davis Ride 24/7 same time
21 Benjamin Manfield-Yorke Wolverhampton Whls same time
22 Ben Hardy Rutland Rouleur same time
23 Charles Walker Halesowen A & CC same time
24 Jason Hales same time
25 Sam Redding EASTON-Ritte – Elite Cycling Te same time
26 Dave Starkey Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team same time
27 Edward Watkiss Corley Cycles – Drops RT same time
28 Robert Moore Pedal Heaven RT same time
29 Dean Hitchings Cotswold Cycles RT same time
30 Alexandre Touche Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club same time
31 Matthew Ullmer Cotswold Cycles RT same time
32 Callum Lister Cotswold Veldrijden same time
33 Stuart Travis-Beames Spirit Bikes Racing Team same time
34 Edward Silverton Bicicielo same time
35 Rob Yeatman Cotswold Cycles RT same time
36 George Fowler EASTON-Ritte – Elite Cycling Te same time
37 Perry Bowater Bicicielo same time
38 George Richardson NFTO Race Club same time
39 James Davey Velosure Starley Primal same time
40 James Eldridge NFTO Race Club 50
41 Tony Kiss Performance Cycles 52
42 Adrian Lawson Ride 24/7 same time
43 Cameron Smalley Cotswold Cycles RT same time
44 Ryan Brain Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club same time
45 Simon Coles Norwood Paragon CC same time
46 Thomas Brazier Evesham & District Whls CC same time
47 Alastair Barnard University of Bath Cycling Club same time
48 James Ellmore Mid Shropshire Wheelers same time
49 Matthew Exley Corley Cycles – Drops RT 56
50 Michael Ward Performance Cycles same time
51 Tim Allen Corley Cycles – Drops RT same time
52 William Bradshaw Team Pays de Dinan Guinefort same time
53 Mark Baines Spirit Bikes Racing Team same time
54 Sean Mungovan Beacon Roads CC same time
55 Joseph Petrowski Velosure Starley Primal same time
56 James Notley Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team 01:02
57 Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael 01:13
58 Matthew Bonehill Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team 01:32
59 Jack Smith Wolverhampton Whls same time
60 Joe Barry Performance Cycles 01:33
61 Will Corden Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team same time
62 Cameron Woolsey Spirit Bikes Racing Team 01:59
63 Dion Black Kenilworth Wheelers CC 02:38
64 Matthew Radford Wolverhampton Whls 06:12


1888992_653060444816903_4812877324478972150_oCaptions: No, You chase him down –

How far to the coffee stop? – 1st trial of the mobile feed station. – Looks like NPOWER’s unique approach to the Evesham Road Race was paying off… – I’m winning!!! – Derny about to peel away during the Evesham Keirin.

2015 Road race Report

Once again we were lucky with the weather. A full field of 80 riders on the day.

A great race with a good field with Madison Genesis and NFTO putting out teams amongst others. Having learnt the harsh lesson of the Raleigh walk over in 2014 we restricted the teams so they were all of an equal size (so no numerical advantage). It went off at a ridiculous pace with most of the lower cat riders being shot out the back. We did not have any problems with local motorists or horse riders this year and we had several breakaways but they were all bought back. Finally a select group got away on the last lap with a sprint for the line, alas Ben Stockdale missed out by half a wheel. The only fly in the ointment was a crash on the race to the line in which two riders ended up well of the road, both went to hospital, one with bad lacerations to the arm another with chipped vertebrae and a broken jaw. (they did make a full recovery) We were complimented by the chief Commissaire for the organisation of the signing on (Graham Walker doing a great job here) and the excellent Marshals.

Improvements for 2016 will be decent tea, coffee and refreshments from the moment the HQ opens, radios on the corners so Marshals get more notice of the approaching race and each corner to have its own broom

Can I make an appeal for Marshals for 2016 race which will be on Sunday 13th March, we are always rushing around last thing for Marshals so it would be great to get a decent number signed up beforehand”.




Evesham Vale Road Race 2014

Sponsored by Kanes Foods

 Lead group pass daffodils on the Radford Road fpr the second timeYanto about to cross the line with time to spareYanto leads a group past the village green in InkberrowaP7DQ8660aaP7DQ8852aP7DQ9053aP7DQ9052aP7DQ9055aP7DQ9079

Evesham Vale Road race poster 2015

aIMG_9630 The leaders - Second time past the Bulls Head in Inberrrow.Three Speed Raleigh - Fast, Faser and Fastest.aIMG_9741 Middle of the pack pass Inkberrow for third time

aIMG_9757 Leading three start up Gooms Hill for third time  aIMG_9766 Back of the Peleton digs deep starting up Gooms Hill for third time_9766 aIMG_9777 Two pints of lager and a packet of crips, please aIMG_9800 Passing Pepper Street for penultimate time  aIMG_9774 Race faces on for third time up Gooms HillaIMG_9824 Lead three get the last lap bellaIMG_9812 Peleton's Penultimate Push Past Pepper StreetaIMG_9833 Just one more to goaIMG_9866 Winning feels goodaIMG_9866 Winner croppedPassing the finishe line for penultimate timePeloton passes the turn to the Lenches for fourth timeaIMG_9873 Peloton finish close to the leadersPeloton climb to the start their last lapPeloton passes the turn to the Lenches for fourth timeRaleigh Team Car on the A422The bunch showing more strain than Yanto did as theycross the lineThe back of the peloton on A422 after Inberrow for fourth time