It is a club requirement that all members must have 3rd party insurance if they wish to take part in any of the Club’s cycling activities.

Racing members who are already members of BC or LVRC, for example, will already have suitable insurance through membership of these organisations.

Some Household Insurance Policies include 3rd party liability while riding a cycle as part of their cover.

Full members of CyclingUK are insured as part of their membership fee

Some non-racing members may have insurance through another provider.

If none of the above applies to you, as a member of an affiliated club you can join CyclingUK as an Affiliate member and get the CyclingUK insurance direct, for, currently, 2016/17, £24. To get this price, you must use the Clubs’ CyclingUK webpage, which you can see by clicking here.. Our affiliate club code is 90042307.
The same link and code can be used for renewal of insurance. Details of the insurance are at You will need to renew this annually but a reminder will be sent to you by CyclingUK.

It is the member’s responsibility to make sure their insurance is up to date.