Evesham & District Wheelers Cycling Club
Minutes of Annual General Meeting held 8:00pm 17th November 2015
Wickhamford Village Hall, Wickhamford, Evesham

Chairman’s Welcome
In Steve Bullen’s absence, John Jenkins took the chair, and welcomed all present to the meeting.

Steve Bullen, Peter Hutchinson, Steve Redgewell.

President’s address.
Carol welcomed the members and said that 2015 was not as exciting a year as 2014 when we celebrated the Tour de France starting in England, but more of a year of consolidation for the club.
The membership has increased considerably and the new kit has been well accepted, as is evident by the number of members sporting it.
Club rides have been well supported and new ride leaders have come forward to share the load.
This has formed a stable base for future growth of the club.

Minutes of AGM 2014
The minutes of the AGM held in 2014 were circulated and no issues were raised, or matters had arisen.

Officers Reports
Treasurer’s Report: See attached report.
Clothing Manager’s report: See attached report.
Press Officer Report:
Racing Secretary:
Road Racing: See attached report
Membership Secretaries Report: See attached report.
Web Site report: See web-site editor’s report.

Election of Officers
All committee members officially stepped down from their roles which were offered to the members present. The following were elected.
Vice Presidents: Anton Newell, John Percival, Valerie Taylor, Roger Freeman, Clive Tree, Arthur Bennett.
Proposed by John Jenkins seconded by Carol Hall
President: Carol Hall proposed John Jenkins seconded Richard Cowley
Chairman: Steve Bullen proposed Norman Smith seconded Martin Hall
Secretary: Richard Cowley proposed Steve Tarling seconded Carol Hall
Treasurer: Martin Halls proposed Richard Cowley seconded Arthur Bennet
Welfare Officer: Richard Cowley proposed Roy Kendall seconded Steve Tarling
Memberships: John Jenkins proposed Carol Hall seconded Arthur Bennet
Club Runs Sec: Norman Smith proposed John Jenkins seconded Steve Tarling
Road Race Sec: Andrew Tarring proposed by Richard Cowley seconded by Carol Hall
Time Trial Sec: Norman Smith proposed John Jenkins seconded Steve Tarling
Audax Sec: Steve Goodbier proposed Carol Hall seconded John Jenkins
Press Sec: Steve Tarling proposed Richard Cowley seconded Norman Smith.
Clothing Sec: Mike Sampson proposed John Jenkins seconded Steve Tarling
Social Sec: None elected.
Webmaster: Stephen Redgewell proposed by Richard Cowley seconded by
Steve Tarling.
Website Editor Steve Bullen proposed by John Jenkins seconded by
Steve Tarling

Appointment of Auditors
Margaret Colborne and Janet Freary were re-appointed as auditors.
Proposed Martin Halls seconded Arthur Bennet.

Proposal 1. Steve Bullen seconded by Richard Cowley
Revising and storing the club rules and regulations on the web-site, and dispensing with the printed rule books.
Steve explained that the rule book contained a certain amount of irrelevant rules and information that was out of date. Much of this information was habitually up-dated for no good reason, at a cost to the club. Updating the relevant info. On-line via the web-site was much more efficient, and cost effective. The committee circulated this proposal, with a list of rules and regulations currently on the web-site, to all members asking for feedback both for and against, none was received.
All at the AGM agreed to this proposal.
One abstainer said he preferred to see a new book annually, so the secretary agreed to print out this information for his records

Proposal 2 John James, seconded by John Jenkins.
Dieppe ride update
John James gave a dissertation about the Dieppe ride, its history and the fact it would be the 45th anniversary of the ride originally started by Neville Chanin. This created much interest which hopefully will be changed into many Evesham Wheelers riding the event in June.
There are a variety of distances available & John has reserved rooms in a local hotel.

Proposal 3 Richard Young seconded by Andrew Bolton
Maintaining the club time trials & use the of the track at Stourport.
Norman Smith said he would continue 3 of the inter-club events which had proved quite popular. No solely club runs would be entertained due to the lack of members support.
In addition the “reach for the sky” ride from the Ebrington village hall would be expanded to include 2 other locations. These would have to be unofficial rides due to time trial rules, and hence timing would be the responsibility of the participants.
In addition he said he would obtain information ref. other local time trial events which would be put on the web-site. He warned that these trials would be popular and early booking was necessary to avoid disappointment.
The use of Stourport track required information from the proposer, as to who organises it how funded etc. This will be reported on at a later date.

A brief discussion ensued as to the possibility of a cycle track at “lower moor” site, but Andrew Tarring said Evesham was at the south west corner of the Midlands and hence received little support from the cycling organisations.

Recorded by Richard Cowley 16/11/2015