Have fun, get fit and make friends.



“I very much enjoy the company from all walks of life and all ages. Love the different routes mostly on quiet roads where it is often acceptable to ride side-by-side. Really good to learn more about cycling from more experienced riders, who will often give you the odd tip for more efficient cycling and always give you encouragement. You hear about different  events taking place within and separate from the Club, and what I enjoy most is the  light-hearted  banter. I always feel more at ease when cycling with the group in that there is help at hand if I run into problems with my bike. That aside I am keen to attend the bike maintenance classes in the Autumn. I very much enjoy the coffee stops and feeling quite justified in tucking into a large toasted tea cake. The rides can sometimes be a little competitive, particularly with the hills which can be quite fun. I always cycle at a more consistent speed and cover a greater mileage than when I go out on my own which gives me quite a sense of achievement. I certainly would promote it as a very sociable way of keeping fit”.



Cycling enables us to develop wellbeing, fitness and confidence in ourselves. Evesham Wheelers actively encourages the participation of women, and provides the ideal environment to ride at a sociable, sustainable pace with a refreshment stop to indulge in a tasty piece of cake and a cuppa.


Our ladies go cycling to enjoy the company, the countryside and the sense of adventure.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel fit or healthy enough to keep up with everyone. The group is supportive of new members’ abilities and is always willing to encourage and welcome new riders.

Wednesday rides provide midweek exercise and ladies soon get a feel for passing the miles whilst chatting freely as they head to coffee stops at good locations.

All rides are provided to encourage progress in terms of endurance but not speed. However, should it be that you would like to enjoy a newfound energy that you can share in an adventure with friends, you will be made most welcome on the “B” and “A” rides.

To enjoy Evesham Wheelers rides you should be fit enough to cycle at least 40 miles. Novice and less experienced riders are encouraged to either join the Entry Level Run or to cycle with H-BUG (Honeybourne Bicycle Users Group) that provides beginners rides on Saturdays where ladies can get a feel for group riding and build their confidence over shorter distances thus enabling riders to then take the next step, whatever that might be. The dates of the H-BUG rides can be found at www.SportHoneybourne.org.uk.


There is no competitiveness, just the odd bit of fun.








Anne Brazier covered 2346km in Strava’s November 2014 Mileage Challenge to make her the top British lady, 13th overall out of 21,879 UK participants and 4th woman in the world! For Anne this was “normal” cycling as she rides 15,000 miles a year.

Well done Anne!