Following my recent crash, while I suffered from a few cuts and grazes, the worst part was a severe pain in the head. This did not feel like a normal headache.
As a result I attended the minor injuries clinic in Evesham for an assessment, which thankfully showed that I was OK.
The clinic made the point that I was not to be left alone for the next 24-48 hours and prescribed paracetamol.
In addition they advised no operating of machinery (including driving and cycling) and at any point if I felt dizzy or sick to go to A&E at Worcester for a CT scan.
I was allowed to sleep if I wanted or needed to, but was told that someone should check on me at regular intervals
I just want to stress how important it was to get checked out following banging my head due to this accident even though I was wearing a good cycle helmet, without which it could have been so much worse.
Mark Williams