Evesham Wheelers AGM 2015


Website Report



The new website has been well received by the membership and others, with many complementary comments throughout the year.


Members have responded to my requests for photos, press stories etc, and the website is richer for this member involvement.


Every effort is made to ensure that content is up-to-date, especially the club runs listings.


We are finding occasional inadequacies reflecting our initial decision to adopt a “no-cost” approach. Of particular concern has been the calendar function that is not sufficiently robust to cater for our various rides, destinations and ride leaders. Nevertheless we have been able to provide this information through an alternative method (using a dedicated page).


Thank you to all members who have helped to make this website such a useful tool for the Club and its members. If you have any ideas please bounce them off me and I will try to include them.


Steve Bullen

Website Editor